Oppressive Vietnamese Government


Yesterday in the Australian Parliament the Hon Alan Cadman Member for Mitchell called on the Vietnamese government to change its ways and to resolve differences by the democratic process.


"It is a matter of deep concern to me and the Australian government that the invasion of human rights continues in Vietnam.  In addition, I have reports from the organisation Persecution about a number of invasions of homes about the detention of people and about the locking up of dissidents—particularly from the Christian and Buddhist communities—for standing up for basic human rights."


"Very deep concern has been expressed on behalf of the Australian Vietnamese community regarding the safety and health of the journalist Nguyen Vu Binh and Rev Fr Nguyen Van Ly.


"The 39 year old journalist, who was arrested by authorities and jailed after an unfair trial in December 2003, has suffered an alarming deterioration in his health.  The jailing took place because he dared criticise the Communist regime in articles published on the Internet.


"The priest, Father Nguyen, had his diocese sacked on 18th February 2007 and is under house arrest while other Christians in the area have been jailed, some are on hunger strikes."


Mr Cadman said the conduct of the Vietnamese government was completely unacceptable.  Even the most intolerant regimes had changed including the former Soviet Union, Germany and even China was changing somewhat.


"It is long past the time for Vietnam to enter the free world and change its way completely.  It ranks with North Korea in its denial of human rights.  The people of Vietnam deserve freedom and justice if they are to receive the full benefits of the modern world."



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1st March 2007


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